Chiropractics Provide Safe and Effective Treatment for Headaches

Just about everyone has had a headache one time or another in their life. In fact, nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches. While some headaches are infrequent and remedied with a simple solution, others can be chronic, severe, and last for hours, leaving the victim debilitated. For those with the latter of the […]

Could It Be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Medical professionals in Weston and throughout the nation have seen an increase in the instance of carpal tunnel syndrome over the last several decades. Computer use, cell phone texting, and video game use has also increased substantially during that time, so it is no wonder that people are experiencing more problems with carpal tunnel. If […]

Auto Accident? Calls to Make: Insurance Company and Chiropractor

After you have been in an auto accident, things can become very confusing. Accidents are extremely unsettling, and we can be very addled and disoriented as we try to piece everything together in the aftermath. When you are in an auto accident in the Weston area, there are two phone calls that you should make […]