Auto Accident? Calls to Make: Insurance Company and Chiropractor

Auto Accident? Calls to Make: Insurance Company and Chiropractor

After you have been in an auto accident, things can become very confusing. Accidents are extremely unsettling, and we can be very addled and disoriented as we try to piece everything together in the aftermath. When you are in an auto accident in the Weston area, there are two phone calls that you should make as soon as possible following the incident. You will, of course, want to notify your insurance company. Regardless of whose fault the accident was, your insurance company will need all of the information about your claim so that they can either process your claim or deal with the other party’s insurance carrier. Finally, call your chiropractor in Weston to set an appointment as soon as you can get in. Even if you do not believe that you have suffered serious injury, it is important to get a thorough chiropractic check as soon as possible.

Many times, the adrenaline rush following an accident can mask pain and other symptoms, and sometimes the pain and symptoms do not become troublesome until the next day or sometimes even days or weeks after the accident. Anyone who has been in an accident most likely has some kind of structural or soft tissue damage as a result of the impact. A chiropractor in Weston will be able to check the neck and spine for any kind of stress or compression.

If you have been in an auto accident in Weston, make that call to the chiropractor as soon as you can. Getting treatment as soon as possible means healing more quickly. Whether you think your injuries are severe or you are simply having some neck or back stiffness, have it checked today.

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