What Our Clients Say

“Wow. Had been suffering all weekend, and I was able to get an appointment today! Dr. Behar is a magician. There were a few cracks here and there, and the pain was gone immediately. I can not thank him enough. Aside from the actual treatment, the office staff was friendly and efficient, and the facilities were very clean and organized. The doctor took his time to listen to my history and explained the possible causes.” – Daniel F.

“My first visit was during when I had a cold shoulder that really hurts. After a couple of visit the pain went away. The current visit was due to my sciatica pain. I had it for a week thought it would go away but I worsen that’s why I scheduled again for a visit. They do a great approach about my sciatica pain. Dr Browner gives me good advice and exercise to do at home. After 6th visit from level 8 pain down to 3. And as of today I am able to walk well and can sit properly. Thanks to Dr. Browner stretching and spine alignment I must say I am almost at my 100 percent. Highly recommended and easy to book appointments. Their staff are nice and friendly.” – Arman B.
“I can’t say enough great things about all of the Chiropractors & staff at Windmill. I have been going for a few years but was recently diagnosed with severe cervical stenosis with nerve impingement and was having horrible pain. I’m scheduled for surgery at the end of the month but having trouble tolerating this level of pain. I went to Dr. Behar for help and he was so incredibly helpful and patient with me. He did the laser treatment and a few other modalities. It already feel way better. They are so caring there and willing to help. Angels 😇 ” – Robin C.
“Look no further, seriously. I’ve gone to some ok, some good, but only one truly great chiropractors office, and that’s Windmill. The first time I went, over half a decade ago, I was in severe pain. Dr Browner impressed me with his ability to assess my situation and had me walking out of there less than an hour later like I was brand new. I still to this day find that unbelievable. Not only did I get results beyond what I expected, they did not try to take advantage and have me add anything unnecessary to my treatment. I would have done anything in that pain for relief, but Dr. Browner was honest and with that approach combined with the results I was won over. I’ve been going ever since. I try to send as many of my family and friends I can, because I know they’ll get the results they seek. The office staff and other doctors are incredibly welcoming, accommodating, professional, and competent. If you want your expectations not only met but exceeded, go to windmill chiropractic. I won’t go anywhere else.” – Darryl A.
“I had a great experience at Windmill Health Clinic. I had chronic lower back pain and both Dr Behar and Dr Browner were very compassionate and professional with my care. After a few visits I was good and healthy again. All their staff is extremely friendly and make you feel like at home. I highly recommend visit their clinic” – Jorge L.
“Amazing experience. I went there with a lot of pain after a car accident. The customer service from the front desk was excellent, they are very kind and efficient. They helped me a lot going trough all the paperwork. Dr. Browner and Dr. Behar are absolutely great professionals and very experienced. They took really good care of me and I always left feeling better. I’m greatfull!” – Tatyana S.
Superb Treatment

“This is by far the most professional and awesome group of people I have encountered in dealing with chiropractic care. Thank you for putting me back together and feeling fantastic and pain free!” – B.J.

Dr Behar And His Staff Are The Best

“Dr Behar and his staff are the best .i just moved here and I am so happy to find them .They are very kind , friendly ,knowledge able and professional .The service and the treatment they offer is the best .Thank you for being awesome.” -S.S.

Awesome Chiropractors!

“Dr. Browner and Dr. Behar are very knowledgeable and professional!

After the accident I was involved in, last May,2013,as someone hit us very hard from the back I required a Chiropractor in Weston for neck pain treatment and back pain relief. I have been seeing Dr. Behar and Dr. Browner since the accident and my neck & back are both feeling much better thanks to the treatments and therapies. Thank you so much Doctors! You are awesome!” –A. C.


“I’M A 26YR OLD & HAVE BEEN GETTING ADJUSTED BY DR. BEHAR & BROWNER SINCE AGE OF 8. Dr. Browner & Behar not only kept me healthy thru out the years, but with regular adjustment I am sure to stay that way. Thank you.” – R.A.

Caring And Professional

“I have used Dr. Behar’s services since I moved to Weston and I have been here since 1997.

It is comforting to know that there is a real professional who is caring, gentle and devoted to curing an injury or just to relieve stress. His office invironment is soothing, relaxing and warm welcoming. This is a great place to decompress and leave all the stress behind.

Thank you for being available to my hectic work schedules!”

          – M.M.

Trying New Things Can Change Your Life

“I had never seen a Chiropractor until January 2011 when I met Dr. Behar & Dr. Browner. After the first few minutes of speaking with them I could see how passionate they were about their work. It’s now one year later & I don’t know how I spent my life without it. My husband, my 7 year old son, 1 year old daughter and I get adjusted regularly now and encourage you to do the same for yourself & your loved ones. It’s a beautiful, warm & welcoming office. XOXO I love Windmill.” – J.M.

Dr. Marc Browner Is A Dedicated And Caring Chiropractor

“Dr. Marc Browner is a Dedicated and caring chiropractor. I have known Marc since college, and he has been my best friend for a long time, and now the godfather to my son. Whom he also treats as well as my wife. He is a gentle pain healer and an amazing person Over the years he has relieved my pain in my back, neck, shoulder, hips, and helped me with nagging headaches. The treatment always ends in one way. No more pain. My son has turdicolous and because of his treatments he has seen massive improvements, and my wife loves him like family, which he is. If you are lookimg for high quality pain relief chiropractic treatment in plantation, sunrise, or weston and would like your chiropractor to be as I just described Dr. Browner above, then the solution should be a simple one. Thanks Dr. for being the great chiropractor, good friend, and genuine person that you are. I am glad to call you the godfather / uncle of my son Preston Tyler.” -D.

Dr. Rick Behar & Dr Marc Browner Of Windmill Chiropractic & Health Center In Weston Is OUTSTANDING!!

“I needed a Chiropractor in the Weston, FL area for neck pain treatments and also back pain relief. I got into a major car accident a few weeks back and my neck was locking up, and my upper back was throbbing with intense tissue knots. I have been going to Dr. Behar since the accident and my neck & back are both feeling a whole lot better thanks to the treatments! Thanks so much Dr. Behar, will be back in to see you soon!” – D.

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