Could It Be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Could It Be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Medical professionals in Weston and throughout the nation have seen an increase in the instance of carpal tunnel syndrome over the last several decades. Computer use, cell phone texting, and video game use has also increased substantially during that time, so it is no wonder that people are experiencing more problems with carpal tunnel. If your job requires you to make repetitive movements with your hand or wrist, or if you text a lot or spend a significant amount of time playing video games, you may be experiencing symptoms related to carpal tunnel syndrome. If you think you may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, Weston chiropractors have seen huge success in treating carpal tunnel with non-invasive procedures that do not rely on any addictive medications.

Some of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include numbness or tingling of thumb or fingers; numbness or tingling in the palm; wrist or hand pain; pain from the wrist to elbow; fine movement coordination issues in one or both hands; a weak grip; or weakness in one or both hands. If you are experiencing such symptoms, Weston chiropractors can diagnose and treat them. The earlier a diagnosis is made and the more quickly treatment begins, the faster you can expect to recover and find relief.

Seeing chiropractors when you are experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel is preferable to some patients because they do not want to undergo painful, and often non-effective surgery. Some patients also wish to avoid any habit-forming drugs that may only mask pain rather than treat the symptoms. For effective, non-invasive treatment of your carpal tunnel symptoms, consult with Weston chiropractors as soon as possible.

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