When You Can’t Leave Your Ache at Home: Ways to Overcome Chronic Pain at Work

Approximately 116 million Americans are dealing with chronic pain, more than those affected by diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer combined. And while debilitating, persisting pain plagues everyone from little children to older adults, it also places a great burden on our economy: more than $635 billion is the total annual incremental cost of health care due to […]

Don’t Let Low Back Pain Keep You Off the Course

Golf may not be the most physically demanding sport, but it still places a great deal of stress on the lower back. Overtime, this repetitive stress can lead to acute injuries and chronic pain, leaving people unable to continue playing the game they love. Although most of these acute injuries will naturally heal themselves over […]

Had a Fender Bender? You May Have Undiagnosed Injuries

Automobile accidents account for nearly 85% of all reported neck injuries, with 85% of them being caused by rear-end impacts. When resulting from a severe wreck, it is easy to diagnose problems in the neck, since the symptoms are immediately present, but it turns out that even minor traffic collisions can cause injuries and chronic pain. […]

Tips on Preventing Back Pain

For a majority of Americans approaching middle age, back pain becomes an issue that needs to be dealt with some degree of regularity, either through treatment or simple pain relief. For many, back pain develops into a chronic problem that impacts the quality of life on a daily basis. In addition to chiropractic treatments in […]