That Heavy Backpack or Tote Bag Could Be Causing Your Shoulder Pain

That Heavy Backpack or Tote Bag Could Be Causing Your Shoulder Pain

Do you often wake up with unexplained shoulder pain? Does your shoulder bother you at night or when you are at rest even when you can’t recall doing anything that should have aggravated it? It could be that heavy backpack or tote bag that you are lugging all over campus that is to blame. In fact, over-laden packs and totes are one of the leading causes for neck, shoulder, and back pain among high school and college students. Many students in the Weston area have found relief from such shoulder pain by receiving chiropractic treatment and lightening their loads.

Sometimes students’ shoulder pain will go away by simply reducing the weight of their totes or packs. However, by the time they experience symptoms, it is often the case that some structural damage has occurred or that muscles are so tight and tense that some other intervention is necessary. This is when chiropractic care can help with non-invasive treatment that does not rely on medication to simply cover up the symptoms.

If you have experienced shoulder pain that lasts beyond just a few days, are unable to raise your arm above your head, or are having difficulty carrying objects or using your arm, your shoulder pain could probably benefit from chiropractic. Contact your Weston area chiropractor to schedule an evaluation and determine a course of treatment that will eliminate your shoulder pain as soon as possible. In the meantime, lighten your load as much as possible by removing any extra books or supplies from your backpack or tote bag.

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