Drivers, Airplane Passengers, and Hikers: Chronic Pain Travel Tips for Summer Vacations

Taking long-haul airplane flights or family car trips, touring museums, or exploring natural trails this summer may be extremely rewarding for you and your family, but if you’re suffering from chronic back or neck pain, it will definitely be a scourge. Uncomfortable seats, cramped leg room, being confined in small spaces, and sitting in awkward positions […]

7 Ways to Naturally Relieve Acute and Chronic Pain

For the 100 million Americans for whom chronic pain has become a disease in its own right rather than a set of symptoms, painkillers and surgery were the only two possibilities they thought they had to manage pain and be able to get on with their lives. Fortunately, today’s pain specialists are doing more than […]

Summer Gardening: A Relaxing Hobby or a Health Hazard?

There has always been the belief that working with soil and planting new life into the ground has a sort of mysterious, almost magical connotation, because it allowed people to connect to a primal state where they would actually become the creators of something beautiful. And this experience was sometimes spiritual, other times enlightening. Most […]

Know Your Pain: Top 5 Sciatica Misconceptions

Tens of millions of people across the world suffer from pain caused by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve – the longest in the human body, starting in the lumbar area and going all the way over the thigh and calf areas down to the foot. In the U.S. alone, people are spending upwards of […]