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RITM Scenar Therapy

RITM Scenar Therapy

Weston RITM Scenar Therapy

One of Four Americans Live with Chronic Pain: Windmill Health Center Offers an Effective Solution with Innovative RITM SCENAR® Therapy in Weston

While some methods of treating pain tend to focus specifically on the body part, organ, or area where the pain resides, the innovative RITM SCENAR® therapy instead acts upon the body as a whole. With RITM SCENAR therapy, pain relief is significant and long-lasting because it seeks out existing imbalances in the body and treats each of them, which begins a process whereby overall health can be restored. RITM SCENAR® therapy also activates the body’s innate ability to release endorphins, which are its own natural pain killers. Ultimately, RITM SCENAR therapy serves as a catalyst to power or restart the body’s own natural healing processes.

What is the RITM SCENAR Device and How Does it Work?

The RITM SCENAR® is an electro stimulation device used by our Weston chiropractic center to deliver computer modulated therapeutic e-stim through the skin to relieve pain. RITM SCENAR® is a handheld, reflex biofeedback device that is non-invasive and does not employ drugs or surgery. 

How our Weston Chiropractors Use RITM SCENAR Therapy

When stress, disease, or injury interferes with the body’s internal communication network, various symptoms and troubles can manifest, and the resounding message is: Pain. Chronic pain is like a “404 error” that you receive when you’re searching the Internet and encounter a page with which you cannot communicate—the proper connections just aren’t being made. Our overall health is similar in that the body relies on its own internal network to communicate information from one body part or body function to the other; when it encounters a “404 error,” that means communications are scrambled and the result is pain.

RITM SCENAR® therapy restores that communication by correcting and connecting any ineffective signals. With gentle electrical impulses, the nervous system receives the appropriate messages that enable the body to make internal repairs and corrections on its own, and homeostasis—the body’s normal state or internal balance and stability—is restored.


RITM SCENAR® therapy is for prescription use only, so consult with your Weston chiropractor to find out if it is an appropriate therapy for the relief and management of your pain. Cleared by the FDA, RITM SCENAR® therapy is intended for those who suffer from chronic pain and acute pain and is often used as a complementary treatment for post-surgical pain and post-traumatic pain.

RITM SCENAR Versus Other Electro Stimulation Therapies

The results from having RITM SCENAR® therapy are longer lasting than other electro stimulation therapies. With other e-stim therapies, the body often adapts to the treatment and, after a certain point, tunes out the signal altogether. Though relief may occur during treatment, the pain returns when the unit is no longer activated. RITM SCENAR® therapy sidesteps that problem by ensuring that there is no habituation to the signal—an innovation that sets RITM SCENAR® therapy apart.

The RITM SCENAR® device delivers its signal, but then it waits for the body to respond with its own signal. By seeking this information via biofeedback, the device can adjust the next signal accordingly; therefore, each signal is unique and continually effective.

If You Suffer from Pain in Weston, Chiropractic Care Is Your Path to Living Well and Free of Pain

RITM SCENAR therapy is one of many methods used by our Weston chiropractic team to alleviate pain and increase overall health. Windmill Health Center offers numerous sound chiropractic treatments to help our patients get their pain under control and enjoy a healthier, happier life. If you live with chronic pain and haven’t considered chiropractic care, call 954.217.4881 for more information or to set an appointment. You may also contact Windmill Health Center by email at






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